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School Community Vision

We work as a team to maintain a functional, healthy and safe learning environment, ensuring that we make optimum use of our human and physical resources. We are committed to collaborative planning and decision making with input from staff, parents and community members to meet the needs of all students.

We aim to build education programs that ensure students achieve agreed outcomes, which will enhance and develop children cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically to their full potential, in a happy and positive learning environment.


Homework should:

  • Support the development of the student’s independence as a learner towards lifelong learning.
  • Further the partnership between school and home.
  • Should not place unreasonable demands upon family time or resources.
  • Be set without using reasonable time for recreational, cultural and employment pursuits relevant to the student’s age, development and educational aspirations;
  • Be balanced across learning areas so as to avoid stress and overload;
  • Be phased in gradually and consistently as students move into the upper years of primary school and sustained through secondary school; and
  • Be consistently applied, monitored and assessed in a whole school approach that is responsive to individual needs and learning requirements.

Suggested homework for year levels

Years 1 - 3 Nightly reading with parent or caregiver. Any reasonable form of text is acceptable. This may take the form of:

  • Parent reading to the child.
  • Child reading to the parent (both words and pictures)
  • Shared reading – both parent and child.
  • Review of spelling words

Additional activities as negotiated for individual needs.

Years 4 – 7 Nightly reading with a parent / caregiver or independently, discussions about current affairs, school life and review of class work as desired (tables, spelling etc.)

We expect that children will be given home tasks of increasing complexity as they approach senior primary years, in preparation for secondary education.

NOTE: The staff at Wandering Primary School believe that reading is to be interesting and enjoyable.