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Wanderinig Primary strives to meet the individual needs of our students and to provide support to develop the dimensions of the whole person within a transformative learning and teaching environment.

Wandering school has a small number of children which ensures that each student is given a great deal of professional attention and care.

The school is a ‘family’ which ensures that children demonstrate great values and develop respect for self, family, country and others.

Children treat each other as they would be treated themselves. One of the most stunning aspects of the school is the manner in which the older children look after the smaller children, together with the air of cooperation between the students. 




We operate a 4yr old Kindergarten 15 hours per week and parents will be advised of the days and times in writing prior to the commencement of the new year. Our Pre Primary operates as a multi-age class. Children attend 5 days/week and their learning program is integrated with other year levels.


Exclude child from school. Re-admit on medical certificate of recovery, or 7 days from appearance of rash’ if well.

Contacts should be excluded for 14 days after the appearance of the rash in the last case identified in the school, unless contact was immunised within 72 hours of first exposure.

Exclude for 2 weeks from onset of illness or for 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment. 
Exclude family contacts aged less than 7 years for 14 days after the last exposure to infection, or until they have received 5 days of a 14 day course of antibiotics.

Chicken Pox: 
Exclude from school until child has fully recovered and scabs fallen off or only a few dry scabs remain, or on presentation of medical certificate that states that the child is no longer infectious.

Scarlet Fever: 
Exclude child from school until the person has received antibiotic treatment or on medical certificate of recovery.

Infectious Hepatitis:
Exclude child from school until medical certificate of recovery has been received.

Impetigo: (school sores) 
Exclude from school until effective medical treatment has been commenced (including proper use of occlusive dressings).

Exclude child from school. Re-admit on medical certificate of recovery or the day following the commencement of medical treatment and covering of site.

Exclude from school until medical treatment has been commenced and discharge from eyes has ceased.

Pediculosis: (nits or eggs of head louse) 
Exclude from school until effective treatment has been instituted and nits removed from hair. This is a recurring and common problem to which no stigma should be attached. It is best tackled at the home level and a pamphlet is available through the school to assist in this. It is up to parents to check frequently, perhaps at the weekend so treatment can be administered if necessary and the child return to the school without interruption after the weekend.

Best preventative measure is to brush hair twice daily with a clean, firm brush and inspection of hair once a week by parent. Application of conditioner is considered the most successful and appropriate treatment.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 
Exclude until all blisters have crusted.

We do not have facilities at school for children who are taken ill during the day. Parents will be contacted when their child becomes ill. It is important that parents provide a current contact and emergency phone number for our school records.