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From The Principal's Desk

New Wandering Primary School logo and motto

The friendly energy of the new brand icon encapsulates the school vision of a caring and nurturing community and references elements of the local environment.

Central to the icon is a Wandoo, a sturdy strong tree found throughout the area. Historically it was used for construction and railway sleepers due to its strength. It represents the strong resilient heart of the school community.

Surrounding this are the green hills of the area, circling the school like the wider community surrounds and supports the school, enabling it to stay strong.

From the strong base of community and school support, students thrive and grow as they prepare for their journey through life.

The students are represented by the leaves rising from the top of icon, supported by both the school and their community.

The brand colours have been built upon the existing school colours.

  • Dark blue is an existing school colour and represents strength, stability and professionalism.
  • The bright green is fresh and dynamic and represents the vibrancy and positive energy that flows in and around the school.
  • The grey defines the Wandoo and represents quiet confidence and reliability.
  • The existing teal green of the uniform is used as a secondary support colour to the brand.

The font selected is strong and bold but with a hint of informality to reflect a balance of professionalism and engaged, inspired learning.