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Junior News

The bike track is cool. We love it so much. We ride all the time, and run on it too. It is a lot of fun. Thank you so much to all the parents who helped make the bike track!

From all the Kindy to Year 2 students.

I am going through the blocks because in Maths I am learning about in, out, though, on and under. It was fun.

By Xenia

Some of the girls from Mrs Presser’s class came to our class when the cricket was on. We played a car game with the babies when we had finished our work.

By Chelsie

I am under the table because in Maths we do lots of fun things. We are learning about under and over.

By Jacob

In Maths we are learning about in and out. I got in the big red bowl. It was fun doing this.

By Jack

We were having fun sitting in the bowl.

By Caitlyn