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Senior Class 3-6

The senior class students are encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability and to gain independence and confidence. We want our senior students to take on any challenge they may face now or in the future with the skills they require.

The senior room environment is a safe area where students feel they can take risks with their learning and receive support in their endeavours. The students have the opportunity to work in small collaborative groups with others and by themselves. The students are offered a range of creative and critical thinking activities to make their learning as interesting as possible while catering for individual differences. Small group and individual instruction are provided to students requiring addition assistance.

The senior class has a strong emphasis in literacy, numeracy, technology and the arts. The students work in a literacy and numeracy block every day. The literacy block integrates the three strands outlined in the Western Australian Curriculum. The numeracy program encourages students to develop Mathematical understanding, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem solving skills. The students are provided with explicit teaching models and the opportunity to practice and consolidate skills.

The children in the senior class make the environment warm and inviting as they work well together and allow for differences. The children are kind, caring and considerate towards each other and their teacher.