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Wandering Primary School

Wandering Primary School is located in the town of Wandering which is approximately 130 km from Perth or an hour from Armadale. Wandering is a small community which is surrounded by farm land and some vineyards. Additionally, the town is not far from three large mining operations and has three adjoining shires.

Wandering school has a small number of children which ensures that each student is given a great deal of professional attention and care. The school is a ‘family’ which ensures that children demonstrate great values and develop respect for self, family, country and others. Children treat each other as they would be treated themselves.

One of the most stunning aspects of the school is the manner in which the older children look after the smaller children, together with the air of cooperation between the students.


Multi AgeGrouping

Our school is multi-aged in all classrooms. This means rather than one class per year group, our children are advantaged by having multiple year levels in each group.

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Junior Class

The Wandering Primary Junior Program includes children in the Kindergarten to grade two.

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Senior Class

Students from Year 3 to Year 6 are part of the Senior class.

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