• 2 Watts Street Wandering
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Admin Ethos

The Principal is part of a team. That team includes the staff, parents, students and the wider community. As a team we strive to improve the educational achievements of the students through the delivery of a balanced curriculum. We care for the students that attend our school and nurture their love of learning.

As the Principal of Wandering Primary School I lead and manage the school staff, students, relationships, resources, and teaching and learning programs. As a leader I inspire, influence and build capacity in the staff to be innovative and professional. I expect the staff to engage with their colleagues and parents in creating the best learning environment for the students. This is achieved by developing a culture of care, trust and persistence. I believe every child can learn and at Wandering Primary School every child does learn.

As a Principal I will endeavour to–

  • be approachable, cooperative and available.
  • communicate well and have an open door.
  • be involved directly in classrooms and the playground (teaching and duty).
  • lead by example.
  • be supportive and follow up.
  • listen.
  • demonstrate leadership and organisation.
  • remain positive, encouraging and give appropriate feedback.
  • demonstrate understanding.
  • be transparent and honest.
  • be the glue that binds us as a school.
  • continue the warmth, friendship and positive collegiality which is part of this school.